Overwatch ‘Recon Healer’ Hero concept would bring much needed change to battle

Your Overwatch

A new Hero concept which has been put forward by Your Overwatch would give players the tools for some good counter-play against armor in the game, with all new supporting abilities for battle. 

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The concept was put together based on their own ideas, suggestions from Overwatch fans and also inspired by things that developers have said – according to Your Overwatch. 

In terms of the character itself, it would be of the defensive sort, which they admit is the type of character they have bashed in the past. But now, feel it could be a solid addition to the game.

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“Jeff Goodman recently said on ReInforce’s stream that a lot of fans of the game seem to want more tanks and healers, and basically said that’s what they’re working on”, said ‘Liam or Weagal’ from Your Overwatch. 

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“With this in mind, we were thinking about what would really fit in the game and we decided that maybe the game could use another healer or support that synergizes directly more with DPS and counters some comps that have been in the meta for a long time,” he added. 

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At the moment, it’s only really Torbjorn who has the capabilities to impact a Hero’s armor. 

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However, it would the job of the ‘Recon Healer’ to mark targets for their team and support the lines of attack. For example, you could target barriers with these abilities and lower the armor of others. 

On balance, this could be combatted by breaking the line of sight with your opponent’s Healer – making a reasonably fair concept – as the opponent would get more and more of their armor back, the further away they get from the healer. 

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