Overwatch Hammond concept is the deadly goldfish you didn’t know you needed

Lauren Bergin
Overwatch Goldfish Wrecking Ball skin idea
Jelene Morris, Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s Wrecking Ball, better known as Hammond, is one of the cutest characters that Blizzard has ever produced. One fan has managed to make him even more adorable, though, by turning him into a goldfish. 

While Overwatch fans either love or hate Wrecking Ball, it’s hard to argue that Hammond, the furry little menace behind the globe shaped machine, is anything but adorable.

His unique design has inspired a collection of different skin concepts, including ones that have turned his iconic mech into everything from the Earth itself to an axolotl tank.

In a similarly slimy vein to the latter design mentioned, one fan has totally transformed the iconic orb and its squeaky inhabitant with this cute, goldfish bowl-inspired designed.

Blizzard Entertainment
Hammond’s Anniversary skin already has an aquatic theme.

Overwatch fan creates Goldfish Hammond

The brainchild of Reddit user amandazerepp (Amanda Perez), Goldfish Hammond has stolen the hearts of Overwatch fans everywhere.

Our favorite little furball himself is pictured in a goldfish inspired spacesuit, decked out in bright orange scales and finished off with a mohawk to represent a fish’s dorsal fin. It mainly makes him look tough, though, which we suspect would be Hammond’s real motive.

His robotic mech has been transformed into a goldfish bowl, with added seaweed on the Quad Cannons to really give it that underwater feel.

With a transparent bowl making up the body of the Wrecking Ball, you can easily imagine Hammond swimming around in there when he activates his infamous Roll.

Having gained 2.2k upvotes during it’s short time on the platform, it’s pretty clear Amanda’s design is a hit with the Overwatch community.

One fan writes “that would be pretty incredible as a skin, especially if they could pull off having him swim around inside,” with another echoing this by writing “yeah this would be epic as f**k.”

Another complimented her design of Hammond himself, stating “awww his little goldfish suit is so cute.”

A lot of fans would love to see how this skin would perform in-game because of the water mechanics that would have to be involved in making it look realistic. That in itself would make it totally unique from anything else.

We’ll have to wait and see if the tank manages to score another aquatic skin, but until then we’ll have to live with the mental image of Hammond getting thrown around in his new fishbowl.