Unusual Overwatch glitch lets Roadhog fly and stay alive longer than ever - Dexerto

Unusual Overwatch glitch lets Roadhog fly and stay alive longer than ever

Published: 25/Jun/2021 15:16

by Lauren Bergin


There are thousands of little tips and tricks for you to uncover on your Overwatch journey, but this insane Roadhog hitbox glitch can literally be the difference between life and death. 

It’s no secret that Blizzard’s iconic FPS, Overwatch, is plagued with some game-breaking bugs. From D.Va getting stuck in a lamp to Reinhardt dropping Earthshatters left, right and center, they can get pretty annoying.

With each new update apparently comes an onslaught of in-game issues, so with the latest update dropping only a few days ago, it was pretty clear we’d start to see some problems.


Roadhog is the victim this time around, and while this glitch is great for one player, it’s going to be the bane of the other’s existence.

overwatch roadhog
Blizzard Entertainment
Roadhog is already pretty powerful, but this new bug makes playing against him even more frustrating.

Roadhog bug turns Overwatch players into trampolines

As demonstrated in a recent Reddit clip, it appears that there’s a pretty bizarre bug affecting the notorious tank.

The defending Roadhog is seen jumping off of the stone bridge that leads up to the towering wooden gates of Eichenwalde Castle. As they fall, they pull the attacking Roadhog down with them in a perfectly executed hook.

As they plunge into the abyss together, the Attacking Hog is suddenly propelled high into the air — just high enough to make it back onto the bridge. As they throw out their hook in a valiant effort to save the unfortunate victim, they come up empty.


Roadhog can now act as trampolines when other roadhogs jump on him 😀 from Overwatch

Most of the respondents are happily mem’ing away, writing “when pigs can fly” and “he’s soarin’, flyin’.” Others, though, are trying to get to the bottom of what’s causing this bizarre issue.

“I think this happens due to overlapping character hitboxes,” one player summarizes, and another attaches a video of it happening to them “about a year ago.”

In this case, however, the enemy Orisa is the one to dodge falling to her death, so it appears any character can use Hog as a squishy means of escape.