Overwatch finally reveals release date for new hero Echo

Blizzard Entertainment

The release date for Overwatch’s 32nd hero Echo has finally been revealed after the damage-per-second character was first announced on March 18.

Echo has been on the Public Test Region since March 19, and has received several changes while developers fine-tuned her for the live release.

On April 9, the official Overwatch Twitter account revealed when she’s due to hit the live servers. “Following the flight plan. Echo swoops into Overwatch on April 14!” they tweeted.

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The character’s movement could be compared to a mix of Pharah and Mercy, as she flies up into the air with insane dynamic aerial mobility. Her primary fire, Tri-Shot, consists of three projectiles that are grouped into a triangle that can critical headshot enemies and deal 17 points of damage each.

She also has Sticky Bombs and Focusing Beam – the first being an ability that allows her to blow up opponents from afar, as they detonate after a delay; and the latter shooting out a “crazy” burst of energy which can melt through barriers like butter.

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Finally, her ultimate, Duplicate, causes her to transform into an enemy with extremely fast ult generation – 650% faster than normal, in fact.

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OW director Jeff Kaplan had previously stated that the DPS hero is the last new character coming to the shooter before its sequel, 2, comes out – “for now,” at least.

“I don’t think we’ll see more heroes for [the game]. We’re heavily focused on Overwatch 2 at this point,” he stated in a video with Stylosa. “There is development happening, but we don’t want people’s expectations in the wrong place. For now, we will not be getting another Overwatch hero.”

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It had previously been unknown whether she would be coming to the FPS before the sequel, as she was first unveiled all the way back in 2018 in the Reunion animated short, and was later shown in the 2 announcement trailer at BlizzCon 2019.

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While Echo is still on the PTR, players will have to wait a few more days until she’s available for everyone across all platforms upon live release on April 14.

Expect DPS queues to be insane for the first few days while players fight for a chance to try out the newest hero.

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