Overwatch fans uncover unique Winston easter egg you've probably never seen

One eagle-eyed Overwatch fan has discovered that Winston has a secret banana graphic hidden on his gun – but it can only be viewed if you take an up close and detailed look at the weapon. 

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Since Overwatch was released back in 2016, fans have been uncovering secrets hidden by Blizzard left, right, and center – with plenty focused on the heroes and their unique backstories.

So, it comes as no surprise that fans have been able to uncover another centered around one of the game’s most popular characters – Winston. 

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Winston has become one of the most popular heroes in Overwatch.

In a post to the Overwatch subreddit, user BlizzconX pointed out that there is a secret banana graphic on Winston’s gun – and it even appears regardless of what skin you use. 

To find the easter egg for yourself, all you have to do is start viewing your skins for Winston and rotate the gun ever so slightly to the left. As you move the weapon, take a good look at the part of the barrel that is closest to the screen and you’ll notice the outline of a small banana appear.

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However, if you rotate too far to the left, you’ll miss out on a look at the unique secret, so be ever so gentle when turning the gun around.

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It’s not the first-bananas based easter egg that fans have uncovered for Winston. Back in June, another clever Redditor found that the hero had a secret banana stash on his home map of Horizon Lunar Colony

Like the fruit on the weapon, it can be hard to spot but /u/imprala made a helpful video that made finding the interesting easter egg so much easier to uncover.

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It also turns out that this unique Winston easter egg has been around for longer than you might have thought, with some players noticing it over a year ago, but it remained a little known secret.

Overwatch is chock full of small hints and nods to other games and pop culture so probably it won’t be long until someone else finds another. 

It likely won’t be as tricky to spot as Winston’s secret gun banana, however.

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