Overwatch fan’s terrifying 'Henyatta' chicken Zenyatta skin idea is so good it’s scary - Dexerto

Overwatch fan’s terrifying ‘Henyatta’ chicken Zenyatta skin idea is so good it’s scary

Published: 23/May/2021 0:20

by Bill Cooney


One Overwatch player’s original skin idea for Zenyatta reimagines the Support hero as a terrifying, egg-throwing machine that we could actually see being added to the game.

Overwatch players love their hero skins, and while we have a whole new batch of Anniversary cosmetics to collect during the event, that hasn’t stopped some fans from continuing to come up with their own awesome designs.

One of the best we’ve seen in recent weeks comes from user degre715 on Reddit, who decided to combine Zenyatta with a literal chicken for a skin they appropriately dubbed “Henyatta.”

Zen is now rocking a pair of farmer’s overalls, along with a feathery tail that replaces the cape featured in most of his skins. His feet are also talons, but it’s his orbs that are one of the best parts of this skin.


Blizzard Entertainment
Zen has had plenty of odd skins, but a chicken? That hasn’t happened just yet.

Instead of balls, they’ve now been turned into eggs, which might be even funnier than throwing nuts at your opponent with his Winter Wonderland skin (almost).

The best/most terrifying part of this concept though has to be the chicken’s head replacing Zen’s, and its cold, merciless bird eyes. This is one skin we wouldn’t want to run into in a back alley on King’s Row, otherwise, we might have nightmares for weeks.

Not just content with creating a skin, the designer also came up with some appropriate voice lines as well. Just imagine how dominant you’d feel after hearing “experience poultry” while using Zen’s ultimate to keep your team from cracking under pressure.


Experience Poultry with Henyatta from Overwatch

Sadly, this is nothing more than just a concept at this point, but it’s one of those skins that’s 100% original and might just be odd enough to be right up Blizzard’s alley. It would even work great as an Anniversary skin. Convenient, since that’s the event we find ourselves in the middle of now.

Overwatch’s 2021 Anniversary event runs through 2021, and while you might not be able to grab “Henyatta” there are still a bunch of great skins to add to your collection.