Overwatch fans “salty” as Chinese players get free Brigitte medic skin

Brigitte medic ow2 skinBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch players feel a bit betrayed by Blizzard after it was announced that fans in China would be given a free way to unlock the new Brigitte medic skin.

The Brigitte medic skin was first announced ahead of the second Overwatch 2 beta with players needing to gift three Twitch subscriptions (around $15 USD) to a participating streamer to unlock the cosmetic.

Initially, this method for unlocking was met with scrutiny from fans, with many not happy with the list of streamers participating in the event which consisted of non-Overwatch creators.

While Blizzard said it plans to build upon the “support a streamer” event if it’s successful, fans aren’t happy after it was revealed how easy it will be for Chinese players to unlock the skin.

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Chinese Overwatch players get Brigitte medic skin for free

brigitte medic skinBlizzard Entertainment/Twitch
The Brigitte medic skin has resulted in a bit of controversy.

In a post on the Competitive Overwatch subreddit, users pointed out how in China, fans just need to watch two hours of the Midseason Madness Overwatch League tournament on to unlock the Brigitte medic skin.

“Virgin Blizzard: sub to a list of streamers, whom might not even play OW outside of the event,” user ‘timescaming’ mocked. “Chad China: watch 2hrs of Midseason Madness, that’s it.”

“No, I’m not salty,” the Redditor sarcastically captioned the post before replying “Yes I am” in the comments.

unlock Brigitte skin in chinaBlizzard Entertainment
Unlocking the new Brigitte skin is easy and FREE in China.

Others noted how this isn’t the first time users in China have received preferential treatment. “Chinese fans get such a good deal with giveaways. Last year they gave away old limited edition skins in raffles just for watching. I think they also had merch you could win too,” one wrote.

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Obviously, watching two hours of OWL – or just having it on in the background – is a lot different than needing to gift subs to streamers. It’s not clear if Blizzard will offer the Brigitte medic skin again in the future, but it seems like fans not in China got the short end of the stick on this one.