Overwatch fan’s IRL Mercy blaster goes viral as players absolutely love it

. 7 months ago
overwatch mercy with blaster
Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s Mercy has etched herself into history as one of gaming’s most beloved characters, and a stunning recreation of her Caduceus Blaster has gone viral.

While Tracer may be Overwatch’s poster child of all things good and Widowmaker the queen of all things villainous, support hero Mercy has truly stolen the hearts of the game’s dedicated community.

We’ve seen fans create spectacular skins designs in her honor, as well as a plethora of different cosplays. It turns out, though, that one cosplayer has masterfully recreated her iconic Caduceus Blaster, and has gone viral for doing so.

Following in the footsteps of one of their fellow artist that perfectly recreated Widowmaker’s particularly deadly sniper rifle from scratch, the team at Designedby have won the fanbase’s all-important seal of approval.

overwatch mercy on king's row with tracer
Blizzard Entertainment
While she’s best known for her healing, Overwatch’s Swiss support still packs a punch.

Fan perfectly recreates Mercy’s blaster

Showing off their awesome replica of the angelic hero’s weapon on the game’s subreddit, every detail is crafted to perfection.

From the white and black paint job that matches her Valkyrie Suit to the golden inlays that line the gun’s barrel, you would be forgiven if you assumed the blaster had fallen out of her pocket during a rocky Resurrect (although we know that would never happen as Mercy is much too careful.)

The post has been greeted with waves of positivity, with a lot of fans choosing to answer Designedby’s question regarding what skins they would like to see the team make next.

“That looks bada**,” writes one fan, pleading that they “do the Atlantic Mercy skin gun too!” Another comment notes that they “love your [Designedby’s] stuff,” so much so that they’re even “thinking of getting one for Christmas!”

With players asking for replicas of the iconic Witch Mercy gun, as well as the fan-favorite Pink Mercy skin, we’ll have to see what Designedby come up with next. Personally, we’d love to see the Dragoon skin added to their arsenal – so fingers crossed!

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