Overwatch fans have found a clever way to make B.O.B. do something

B.O.B. has been an Overwatch fan favorite since he and Ashe were released at BlizzCon 2018, and players are still figuring out ways to use to the Omnic bodyguard.

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Ashe sends B.O.B. out in a straight line for her Ultimate, and only an enemy, a wall, or some kind of obstacle will stop his blitz.

Once he’s stationary, he fires at any enemy within his sights, except sometimes he gets stuck behind something and is rendered basically useless.

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Now, players seem to have found that B.O.B. can be pushed almost like a self-destructing D.Va mech can be.

In a clip on YouTube, Overwatch player Vidaar shows how it’s possible to move B.O.B. slightly, about as much as you can move D.Va’s bomb, and reposition him.

This technique would be pretty helpful if you’re playing Ashe and you send B.O.B. just a little off the mark, given you can make it to him without feeding.

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Obviously, it isn’t Vidaar’s B.O.B. that is being pushed, so it does seem like any hero could push B.O.B. based on the video.

Ashe and B.O.B. are still relatively new to Overwatch, so players are sure to discover plenty more tricks and techniques to use with the Omnic butler.