Overwatch fans have designed a kit for Halo’s Master Chief & it’s perfect

halo master chief stands against Overwatch horizon lunar colony background in space with earth behind himBlizzard Entertainment, Microsoft

Ever wondered what Halo’s poster child Master Chief’s kit would look like if he was an Overwatch character? The game’s community have got you covered.

Following Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Overwatch developer Activision Blizzard, the game’s undying community has been speculating about a Halo X Overwatch crossover.

We’ve already seen a skin idea deck out Soldier 76 in Washington Justice-inspired Spartan armor, but some fans are going one step further.

As the community gets to grips with the Microsoft buyout, many are hoping to see Halo poster child, Master Chief, make it into the game in a wild collision of the two FPS franchises – with some even going so far as to start designing a possible in-game kit for the classic character.

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halo master chief walking through jungle with gunMicrosoft
Soldier 76? So 1970s – we want this guy!

Overwatch fan designs Master Chief skill loadout

As imaginations run free and speculate just how the Halo icon would fit into the Overwatch ecosystem, one fan has set about creating a kit for the hero.

“If Master Chief was in Overwatch would the energy sword be a decent ultimate?” asks u/McMagicMarv, showing off an image and YouTube video of the Spartan warrior tearing through the attacking squad on Horizon Lunar Colony.

Brandishing Halo Reach’s iconic sniper, he’s racked up enough points to use his ultimate: the deadly, dual-bladed Energy Sword. Ana, Soldier, and their assaulting entourage never stood a chance.

While an energy sword ultimate is a pretty good idea, many have commented saying that it may be a little too similar to Overwatch’s resident ninja, Genji‘s, infamous Dragonblade.

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Other ideas include a “Spartan Laser” which “deals 300 damage in a line,” while comment jokes “I think it should just be he puts away the weapons and starts punching motherf**kers.”

A pretty popular suggestion is the idea of “active camouflage plus sword,” with one response expanding this idea to include “bonus points if backstabs give assassinations.”

Will we see Master Chief in Overwatch 2? And will we have to dodge that Energy Sword ultimate? Only time will tell, but at least we can dream, right?