Overwatch fans disappointed by new Prime Gaming rewards: “We have everything”

overwatch 2 mei looks over shoulder with fire in backgroundBlizzard Entertainment

While Overwatch’s return to Prime Gaming is pretty exciting, some fans have been left disappointed by the rewards on offer.

Taking some inspiration from the past, Blizzard have partnered up with Amazon’s Prime Gaming service to bring both Overwatch and Hearthstone fans monthly rewards, free for Prime Gaming members.

With Starcraft: Remastered and World of Warcraft next in line for some free loot drops, players from across Blizzard’s extensive gaming universe are waiting to see what lies in store for them.

For some Overwatch fans, however, the rewards weren’t quite what they expected, and hoping for improvements in future drops ahead of the release of Overwatch 2.

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overwatch 2 tracer looks at camera Blizzard Entertainment
With the excitement around Overwatch 2 building, Prime gaming is joining the hype by gifting players free loot.

Prime Gaming drops loot boxes in Overwatch

As discussed in Prime Gaming’s release blog, Overwatch players will be able to obtain a total of seven different loot boxes from March until September, 2022. Four of these are Legendary loot boxes, which always contain one Legendary item, while the other three are standard loot boxes.

While many have already snatched up their free prize and have added some gold items to their cosmetic library, others were less than impressed by the rewards simply being more loot boxes.

“This will add nicely to my collection,” said one fan, who has accumulated a collection of over 2,000 little treasure troves.

“Seriously though, what do they think we would do with all those unopened boxes!?” asks another in response. “We can’t sell them, we don’t need to open them because we have everything from the game! Wtf!”

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“Regular loot boxes?” echoes another; “we already have every item in the game.”

Another comment simply notes “Overwatch truly is being forgotten about until Overwatch 2, huh?” epitomizing the feeling of many within the game’s community.

While some players are happy to receive a free loot box every month, the reward system doesn’t please everyone. With Valorant and Apex Legends gifting players free limited edition skins and bundles, designed exclusively for Prime Gaming, it’s understandable that this avenue would be more appealing to Overwatch players too.

As we come into Overwatch 2, which some have suggested will get rid of the loot box system entirely, it’ll be interesting to see what Prime Gaming rewards we see in the future.

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