Overwatch fans already have crazy theories about the Storm Rising event

Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard put out another teaser for their Archives event Storm Rising on April 8 and The second teaser for the Archives Storm Rising event revealed that Tracer, Mercy, Genji and Winston would be the playable characters in this year’s PvE mission.

Various hints from Blizzard also point to a new map set in Havana, Cuba for the new event, but what kind of map it could be (2CP, Control Point, etc.) remains to be seen.

Blizzard EntertainmentHavana, Cuba, has been hinted as the next new Overwatch map.
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What’s in store for the Storm Rising event?

This hasn’t stopped Overwatch fans from coming up with their own ideas about what we can expect to see out of the latest event.

In a post on Reddit, user Number9Robotic speculated that Storm Rising might include Cuba getting wiped off the map.

Number9 points out that in the hint from April 7, there’s an article about a huge incoming hurricane that could hit Cuba at the same time as the Storm Rising mission.

“Remember Mei’s backstory: it’s been long speculated that there’s something big causing the increasingly drastic climate change beyond mere industrialism and global warming,” Number9 theorized. “I’ve heard some theories that Hurricane Fernand is being somehow being controlled, with some speculating that Talon might have like a weather machine or something.”

Blizzard EntertainmentEarth as seen from Horizon Lunar Colony. Look closely and you’ll see Cuba seems to be missing.
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To back it up, they also pointed out that on the present Earth in the Overwatch universe, as viewed from Horizon Lunar Colony, there appears to be no Cuba, just ocean.

Talon having a weather-controlling device would certainly fit their motive as a ruthless terrorist organization determined to control the world.

Number9 admits that everything they said was pure speculation, but so far it seems to line up with Overwatch lore and the details provided so far about the event.