Overwatch fan gives Reaper’s Wraith form an impressive Workshop upgrade

. 3 years ago
Blizzard Entertainment

One creative Overwatch player has made some changes to Reaper’s Wraith form in the Workshop that makes the ability a little more versatile.

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Reaper’s Wraith form makes the hero move faster and invulnerable to damage while active, but in various Overwatch cinematics it’s able to do a lot more.

In the “Recall” and “Infiltration” shorts, Reaper can move around in three dimensions in Wraith form, so Reddit user MmmmmMaybeNot decided to make it work like it does in the shorts.

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Death finds a way

MmmmmMaybeNot said they were inspired by the “Recall” short to tweak Wraith Form so Reaper can now float across open spaces and even move up and down slightly.

As an example, they take Reaper across the moat on Eichenwalde’s Second point using the new-and-improved ability.

There’s a lot of potential for flanking with the new Workshop Wraith Form, allowing players access to places that might be hard to get to even with the recently-updated Shadow Step.

If iMmmmmMaybeNot’s combined with another mod that allows Reaper to move through walls while using Wraith Form, it could make the ability much more powerful.

There’s no code currently available for the mode, but we will update the story as soon as one becomes available.

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First the Workshop, now Replay mode

Shortly after the Workshop became available to players on all platforms, Overwatch released a surprise PTR update that finally brought back the Replay client for players.

The PTR patch also gave McCree a buff that turns him into a killing machine and has left players very confused to the Overwatch’s teams intentions.

Blizzard Entertainment
The Replay mode allows players to go back and watch games from any vantage point.

Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan did say that this summer would have more surprises content-wise coming for players, so we’ll probably see even more changes and new content coming before too long.

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