Fan gives Ana her own Overwatch uniform for Storm Rising

Blizzard Entertainment

The new Storm Rising Archives event gave Soldier: 76 a new legendary skin showing his Overwatch dress uniform and one fan thought Ana should get one as well.

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Storm Rising brought nine new skins for this year’s Archives event, but Ana wasn’t one of the lucky heroes to get a new legendary or epic skin.

Overwatch fan Chattywindow wouldn’t let that stop them though as they gave Ana her own Overwatch military-style uniform like Soldier: 76’s “Formal” skin for Storm Rising.

Ana’s Captain Amari skin.[ad name=”article2″]

Does Ana do it better than Soldier?

Chattywindow said that they were inspired by the original Overwatch trailer which showed all the heroes, including Ana, in suits.

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Wanting to see this in the actual game, Chattywindow took Soldier: 76’s new “Formal” skin and simply swapped Soldier out for Ana while refitting the suit to make it look less like Ana’s head thrown onto Soldier’s body.

They also included a version with an overcoat to better match Ana’s current silhouette with her cloak and again, make her look less like Soldier: 76.

Her Biotic Rifle has been kept a plain white, but it probably could get the ceremonial wood treatment like Soldier’s weapon did for the skin.

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Ana already has her “Captain Amari” skin, which is widely accepted as her official Overwatch “uniform” by fans, but this experiment from Chattywindow is a fun look at what a more formal skin could look like.

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If Ana ever did get a skin like this, it would probably need to be changed so it wasn’t exactly like Soldier’s, but the base idea is still very cool.

Soldier: 76’s new skin and the rest of the Storm Rising skins are available for purchase or in loot boxes during the Archives event, which ends on May 6.