Overwatch player uncovers “evil” exploit with Ashe in Winter Wonderland

Brad Norton
Overwatch map with Ashe

A powerful Overwatch exploit from Ashe and her omnic companion B.O.B. has been turning heads throughout the Winter Wonderland event, with many even calling it an “evil” tactic.

Each year the Winter Wonderland event is supposed to bring some holiday joy to Overwatch. Unique skins and exclusive game modes see players returning in droves to check out what’s new.

Though one often-overlooked change each time around happens to be map design. A select handful of maps are coated with snow and holiday decorations to truly get in the festive spirit. As the name implies, King’s Row is one such map that becomes a Winter Wonderland.

With this redesign, however, a game-changing exploit has been found; one that gives Ashe an “evil” advantage if she can execute the trick just right.

Overwatch Kings Row map
This new Overwatch exploit is only possible on the Winter Wonderland version of Kings Row.

King’s Row’s Christmas makeover features various lights, trees, and decorations scattered amidst the snow. It’s one such limited-time addition that enables a brand-new exploit with Ashe.

While battling through the second phase of the map, there’s a way to make B.O.B. all but unkillable. Rather than calling Ashe’s ultimate down on the ground floor as expected, this trick keeps the omnic sky-high.

By jumping from the upper-ground vantage point, Ashe can wedge her Ultimate atop a tree. This allows B.O.B. to rain down fire from above on unsuspecting foes below.

Whether you’re attacking or defending, this simple exploit could win your next teamfight with ease. No one would expect this position, leading to a number of quick eliminations before enemies can react.

It’s worth noting that this particular trick can only be used on King’s Row’s winter variant. Therefore, players only have a few days left to use it in this year’s holiday event. But rest assured, there’s a good chance this may also in for the next iteration too.

In the meantime, you’ll just have to keep an extra eye out in every Wonderland match for any pesky Ashe mains trying to abuse this spot before it’s gone.