Overwatch devs want post-game match cards to be “more meaningful” in OW2

Overwatch 2 competative loss progressBlizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch 2 team has revealed why post-game cards were removed from the sequel and plans to bring them back better than ever.

In the first Overwatch, at the end of every match, the top players in the game would have special cards displayed showcasing special hero stats, such as most eliminations with an ultimate, headshots, and more.

Users in the game could then vote on which player they think performed the best, while also being able to continue talking with their team or opponents in the lobby for a bit.

Surprisingly, this feature was removed from Overwatch 2, much to the dismay of players – but the devs have indicated that might bring it back with some nice upgrades in the future.

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overwatch match cardsBlizzard Entertainment/Reddit
Fans have been wanting cards to return in Overwatch 2.

Why were cards removed in Overwatch 2?

In a stream with content creators Jay3 and Eskay, Systems Designer Gavin Winter explained that while the team likes cards, at the end of the match, most players would leave.

“At the end of Overwatch 1, almost no one was looking at them. Everybody would leave before the cards would happen,” he said, further noting how they were probably cooler when the game first launched.

However, he went on to add that the team would “love” to bring something like that back, only better than they were before.

“We would like it to be more meaningful,” he said. “More permanently meaningful instead of gimmicky, where not as many people cared. We’ve been thinking about that.”

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Morgan Maddren further stressed that the card post-game portion in Overwatch seemed to take too long and believes there is a middle ground to OW2’s faster transition after a match.

As for why it’s not in the game and waiting to be updated, Winter revealed that everything needed to be changed for Overwatch 2’s UI and the devs didn’t think it would be worth it if people weren’t using it.

Although we may not know exactly what Blizzard has up its sleeve, hopefully we’ll get an update on the post-match card feature down the road, especially with a possible roadmap leading into Season 4 and beyond.

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