Overwatch devs reveal the truth about your OW2 rank after big Season 3 mistake

overwatch 2 rank doomfist and anaBlizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch 2 devs have revealed new information about players’ ranks in Season 3 – and it turns out you should be placed higher than you currently are.

Ranked play in Overwatch 2 has been in a tough spot for a number of months now as the developers look to improve the quality of competitive matches.

Although there were a number of issues with Gold players ending up in Grandmaster lobbies and games becoming utter stomps, it seems like the problems go far beyond just lopsided matches.

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During a recent dev interview, Software Engineer Morgan Maddren revealed that players were ranked lower than they deserve to be earlier in Season 3.

Overwatch players were ranked lower than their actual skill

Speaking with Twitch stars Jay3 and Eskay, Maddren explained that they had to fix a bug that was making the ranked system too harsh.

“In season three, we fixed a bug where we realized we were actually being too harsh. Like, everybody’s ranks were lower than what they should have been, even if you play a lot of matches,” he revealed.

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According to the dev, it was as if the entire player population had been “shifted down” so players who were supposed to be in Diamond 1 were actually in Diamond 3.

In order to fix this, the developer explained that they pushed everybody up a bit to hit a target, but added that another bug was inflating rankings at the very high end, resulting in more GMs than they should be.

Maddren was transparent, however, and noted that the issue would be fixed in Season 4 along with a series of other ranked improvements. Regardless, if you were concerned about your rank in Season 3, you might want to play some more games now that the system has been fixed.

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