Overwatch devs respond to concerns Remix skins will be only new content in 2022

Overwatch Remix skins gameplayBlizzard

With the announcement of Overwatch Remix events in 2022, players quickly became concerned that recolored skins would be the only new designs arriving this year. Developers have since come forward to address this concern.

When Overwatch launched its latest Lunar New Year event on January 25, it sparked outrage in the community. With a smaller batch of content than ever before, avid players expressed their worries for the full year ahead.

Blizzard quickly responded to this backlash, ensuring that more Legendary skins are in the pipeline for 2022, than “any year prior.”

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Now with all remaining events changing to incorporate new ‘Remixed’ skins, recolored versions of existing designs, the Overwatch community has once again voiced its concern. Despite the earlier promise, many assumed these Remixed variants would dominate the content haul for the year.

Overwatch reveals 2022 Anniversary skins featuring D.Va, Mercy, moreBlizzard
Existing skins with new colors immediately sparked concern in the Overwatch community.

I was actually excited to see what we could expect,” one player chimed in on Blizzard’s forums. “But now I am thinking that it will be 90% recolors with a handful of new ones far and few between.”

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That comment was just the tip of the iceberg. From lashing out at “recycled skins” to calling out Blizzard’s “neglect” of the original game, dozens were unhappy with the news.

It didn’t take long before Community Manager Andy Belford stepped in to address the situation head-on.

The latest wave of backlash appears to be misguided as Belford put the rumors to rest. “This is not the case,” he replied, confirming that new Legendary skins are still indeed on the way to Overwatch.

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Overwatch forumsBlizzard
Remixed skins won’t be the only form of new content coming in 2022.

While Remixed variations will arrive with each event, that doesn’t necessarily mean new skins won’t launch alongside them.

Although Belford wasn’t “ready to divulge more details” just yet, it should alleviate some concern among the most dedicated players.

There’s currently no telling just how much new content to expect for the remainder of 2022. Though it’s now a guarantee all remaining Overwatch content in the original game, will be accompanied by a number of recolored skins. 

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