Overwatch devs monitoring patch feedback after “confusing” Junkrat damage rework

Junkrat blows up a safeBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch developers are closely monitoring feedback for the game’s newest experimental patch, which saw a number of changes including some controversial buffs to both McCree and Junkrat.

The October 21 Overwatch update is once again letting McCree use his roll in the air – something fans are a bit baffled over. But on the more outrageous end is Junkrat’s reworked Grenade damage, which now has fall off, but is even more lethal at close range.

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Now, upon impact from close range, Junkrat can deal 150 damage. That’s enough to one-shot a Tracer and Baby D.Va. He could even down a Widowmaker with a single direct hit if he’s damage boosted.

However, his new damage fall off and splash damage reduction has fans confused and the developers have stepped in to state they’re monitoring fan concerns.

Overwatch devs step in amid Junkrat rework confusion

On the official Blizzard forums, Community Manager Andy B alerted players that their worries regarding the new patch weren’t for nothing.

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“So everyone knows, the community team is monitoring and reading your immediate feedback to the new Experimental Card,” he wrote. “For those who have already taken the time to jump in and test the changes for yourself, thank you very much. I understand how these changes could cause a lot of critical conversation.”

Furthermore, he asked that players share their feedback constructively for a better chance of the devs responding with their thoughts and insight.

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The post came as multiple players voiced concerns with the likes of: “Junkrat buff confuses me” and players on Reddit asking for clarification as to why his damage was modified.

Notable Junkrat Twitch streamer Aquamarine, however, believes the buffs are a step in the right direction, but the numbers need some major adjusting.

With Overwatch 2 switching to 5v5, it will be interesting to see if these reworks were made with the sequel’s balance in mind, especially as there will be one less tank on the field to absorb damage.

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