Overwatch Developer talks about changes coming for Doomfist with Surefour

by Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment/The Overwatch League


Ashe might be getting all the attention from the Overwatch community right now, but Doomfist is getting most of the attention of the game's developers, according to Overwatch designer Joshua Noh.


Noh joined the Los Angeles Gladiator's Lane 'Surefour' Roberts during a stream at Blizzard HQ to talk about changes upcoming for Doomfist.

Buffing Doomfist might be tough, but the hero is receiving some major changes soon, Noh told viewers and Surefour.


"Little sneak-peek, we're actually going to nerf him on the PTR," Noh said. "Right now, what we're trying is we lowered the distance you can go on the aerial seismic slam, it used to be 20 meters, now we're trying 15."

Enemies affected by Doomfist's uppercut will also only lose control of their character for 0.6 seconds, basically while being hit up.


Noh didn't give a timeframe on when players can expect the Doomfist changes to hit the PTR, but when someone from Blizzard says "soon", we can assume they actually mean "Blizzard soon, which is an entirely different unit of measurement.

So, Doomfist mains, enjoy your time hopping across the battlefield to take out helpless supports, because it might become tougher to dominate with Doomfist in the future.