Overwatch pro Dafran shows off incredible Atlanta Reign team house

by Connor Bennett


Overwatch League pro Daniel ‘dafran’ Francesca gave fans an inside look at the Atlanta Reign’s incredible Los Angles team house during his recent IRL stream. 

The Danish pro was picked up by the Atlanta Reign during the offseason and has helped the Reign to a decent showing in their first OWL stage - currently holding a 4-3 record and sitting just inside the playoff places.

Fans, and even former OWL pros like Felix 'xQc' Lengyel, have asked Dafran to show off the team's house during a stream. The Dane had been reluctant to give in until he went live on March 23. 

Atlanta Reign
Atlanta Reign
Dafran and the Atlanta Reign made their OWL debut during the second season.

Dafran exited his room and took his viewers on a brief IRL stream tour around parts the Reign team house. 

In true MTV Cribs style, Dafran showed off the contents of the team fridge and pantry after making himself a sandwich. Despite trying to avoid giving too much away, he gave his viewers a look at parts of the inside of the house - including an impressive piano that sits as a feature piece.

With a sandwich in hand, Dafran moved outside to show off the team’s sprawling back yard and a number of different amenities that the squad has access to at the house - including a pool accompanied by two jacuzzis.

The Dane was taken aback by his view, telling his viewers: “this is like a painting,” while keeping his stream locked on to the stunning Mountain landscape that the team house sits at the bottom of.

Despite having a few connection issues, Dafran continued to do his best to remain streaming while showing off more of the house's back yard - including a few minutes sat around the edge of the pool while talking to his stream. 

As ever, the entertaining pro put a hilarious spin on things by jumping fully clothed into the team’s pool to the delight of his viewers.

If the Reign are able to secure a playoff berth in their first stage of OWL action, the impressive will have played its part - clearly giving players the space needed to decompress after tough Overwatch matches.