Overwatch cosplayers hit the bullseye with deadly McCree & Ashe duo

Ashe McCree CosplayBlizzard Entertainment/florakitz

The Halloween Terror event might have just wrapped up earlier in the week, but that doesn’t mean the end of Overwatch cosplays, as we can see in this fantastic take on Deadlock Ashe and McCree.

Both of the game’s outlaws have proven to be extremely popular to dress up as over the years, and even with the spooky holidays behind us, the cowboy cosplays continue to roll in.

One of the best as of late imagines what McCree and Ashe would have looked like side by side during their days in the Deadlock Gang from cosplayers Magobeere and florakitz, respectively.

Even though Ashe technically doesn’t have a skin named “Deadlock” florakitz does a great job of making an outfit that would probably be similar to what it would look like.

Of course, she’s sporting your standard-issue leather jacket, a yellow bandana to conceal her identity while partaking in various criminal activities, all topped off with the hero’s signature hat and flowing white hair.

Magobeere’s McCree meanwhile, comes complete with the gunslinger’s blue jeans, belt buckle, and a bit of that trademark swagger we expect. There’s no robot arm here because as any true fan knows, his Deadlock skin is from a time before he lost his hand.

McCree Overwatch DeadlockBlizzard Entertainment
As you can see, McCree’s arm is in-tact, complete with Deadlock tattoo.

Based on how the skin shows McCree with his left arm still attacked and sporting a tattoo of the gang, so the popular fan theory after this skin was released became after leaving Ashe and the rest of the crew, they took their mark back, and then some.

Grisly details of the Overwatch universe aside though, the pair do make for great cosplay subjects as Flora and Magobeere prove here, and Reddit seems to agree, with the shot racking up close to 2,000 upvotes already.

The only thing that is missing is B.O.B., however considering the Omnic would definitely be a massive cosplay to pull off, we can understand why he wasn’t included. That won’t stop us from wondering what he would look like with a Deadlock skin now, though.