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Overwatch cosplayers hit the bullseye with deadly McCree & Ashe duo

Published: 8/Nov/2020 0:47 Updated: 8/Nov/2020 23:15

by Bill Cooney


The Halloween Terror event might have just wrapped up earlier in the week, but that doesn’t mean the end of Overwatch cosplays, as we can see in this fantastic take on Deadlock Ashe and McCree.

Both of the game’s outlaws have proven to be extremely popular to dress up as over the years, and even with the spooky holidays behind us, the cowboy cosplays continue to roll in.

One of the best as of late imagines what McCree and Ashe would have looked like side by side during their days in the Deadlock Gang from cosplayers Magobeere and florakitz, respectively.

Join us or get lost (with Magobeere as Jesse and AncientAlienFox as random member// photo by frankyland) from Overwatch

Even though Ashe technically doesn’t have a skin named “Deadlock” florakitz does a great job of making an outfit that would probably be similar to what it would look like.

Of course, she’s sporting your standard-issue leather jacket, a yellow bandana to conceal her identity while partaking in various criminal activities, all topped off with the hero’s signature hat and flowing white hair.

Magobeere’s McCree meanwhile, comes complete with the gunslinger’s blue jeans, belt buckle, and a bit of that trademark swagger we expect. There’s no robot arm here because as any true fan knows, his Deadlock skin is from a time before he lost his hand.

McCree Overwatch Deadlock
Blizzard Entertainment
As you can see, McCree’s arm is in-tact, complete with Deadlock tattoo.

Based on how the skin shows McCree with his left arm still attacked and sporting a tattoo of the gang, so the popular fan theory after this skin was released became after leaving Ashe and the rest of the crew, they took their mark back, and then some.

Grisly details of the Overwatch universe aside though, the pair do make for great cosplay subjects as Flora and Magobeere prove here, and Reddit seems to agree, with the shot racking up close to 2,000 upvotes already.

The only thing that is missing is B.O.B., however considering the Omnic would definitely be a massive cosplay to pull off, we can understand why he wasn’t included. That won’t stop us from wondering what he would look like with a Deadlock skin now, though.


My Hero Academia cosplayer looks truly villainous as fierce Himiko Toga

Published: 23/Nov/2020 17:52

by Georgina Smith


A skilled Instagram cosplayer has recreated one of My Hero Academia’s primary antagonists, Himiko Toga, in extraordinary detail, bringing her villain attire to life with their amazing look.

The anime My Hero Academia was released in 2016, and has since then scooped up an enormous fan base of people who adore the show’s perfect blend of action and interesting characters.

Each character has a super power called a ‘Quirk,’ and this ability  is unique to each person, and offers them a range of boosts and characteristics that help show off their individuality.

That goes for both protagonists and antagonists, and one of the primary villains, Himiko Toga, has ended up becoming somewhat of a fan-favorite for her sadistic personality with its own unique charms.

Himiko Toga from My Hero Academia
Bones Animation
Himiko Toga is a dangerous villain in My Hero Academia, despite her innocent look.

When in her usual form, Toga sports a baggy school uniform look, which many cosplayers have done an extraordinary job of recreating. But the character’s villain uniform can be harder to pull off and maintain Toga’s confidence, with clunky machinery fixed around her neck.

But cosplayer layvendercos has done a fantastic job of donning the iconic Toga look, and certainly looks as though they could play the role in a live-action version of the show.


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A post shared by Layne (@layvendercos)

Reminiscent of Toga’s school attire, this cosplayer wears knee length marl gray socks with some brown leather brogues, their legs dangling from their seat in one image as part of the character’s persona.

This is paired with a black skirt, and Toga’s token cream-colored jumper, which looks oversized as part of the original look, giving a slightly cute appearance.

However, this cute school look is directly contrasted with Toga’s villain attire. Thick canisters are hung from their neck, along with the classic black smile mask. Fastened to their legs and waist are green knife boxes, with one knife clasped firmly in their hand.


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A post shared by Layne (@layvendercos)

Their blonde hair is styled to match Toga’s voluminous space buns, with chunky bangs falling either side of their face to frame it, and perfectly bringing the look together.

Layvendercos certainly did an incredible job as Himiko Toga, and will have their followers excited to see what may but up next for the cosplayer.