Overwatch cosplayer takes to the skies as enchanting Witch Mercy

overwatch witch mercy cosplay imagecarnivorous_sheep, Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s Mercy has a whole wardrobe of fan favorite skins, but her Halloween Terror Witch skin is among the most iconic – and this cosplayer has brought it to life to celebrate the Remix events.

Coming into 2022, Blizzard announced that Overwatch’s classic event schedule would be getting a colorful shakeup with the all-new Remix events.

Transforming some of the game’s most iconic cosmetics into ivory versions of themselves, players will be able to deck out their heroes (or villains) in a fresh yet familiar new look.

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Among these is a white and blue take on Mercy’s classic Halloween Terror Witch skin; a look so iconic that even the character’s voice actor, Lucie Pohl, has brought it to life. Channelling Lucie, American cosplayer carnivorous_sheep has transformed herself into the Swiss support’s magical alter ego in an outfit that will leave you seeing stars.

overwatch witch mercy on junkenstein castleBlizzard Entertainment
Trading out her medical flight suit for a magic broom, Witch Mercy is one of Overwatch’s most popular skins.

Overwatch Witch Mercy cosplay is absolutely breathtaking

Deciding to transform into the sassy sorceress because “I absolutely love the game, and I’ve been cosplaying from Overwatch for the last couple years,” she created this cosplay for “Youmacon in 2021.”

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Taking the witchy support back out for a spin, she told Dexerto “I’ve built Mercy cosplays quite a few times now so the build itself was pretty easy for me to jump into.

“The most difficult part would definitely have been the bodice. I always struggle with sewing things and the top is sooo specific! Her bolero piece and neck tie are actually all hooked together with magnet snaps, because I couldn’t get a good stitch figured out to make it sit how I wanted.”

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In the end, however, she bested the bodice and created an absolutely stunning look. Deep chocolate leather clings tight to her torso, accented with deep, halloween orange. Golden hair frames her face, topped off by a tattered witch hat. With her book of shadows by her side and perfectly crafted wings ready to propel her into the skies, Sheep perfectly embodies the mystery Witch Mercy exudes.

“I made her staff out of an old wood broom with some foam clay molded on top to help create the ‘wood notches’ Mercy has, and then attached foam pieces for the blades up top. I used a wood burning tool to engrave the markings on each piece of foam, with thinner craft foam layered for fine details,” she recalls.

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“Her wings are made entirely of EVA foam sandwiched around two pieces of PVC pipe, with fairy lights glued on the inside to give a soft orange glow. I ended up hand painting the wings just to make sure the color on the wing blades matched the rest of her outfit. ”

If this rendition of the Swiss spellslinger has you enchanted; don’t worry! There are a whole collection of other Overwatch cosplays Sheep wants to try out. “I’ve already got plans this year to debut Poolside Ashe and Lifeguard Mercy at Colossalcon, and this fall I’m going to be building Pharah’s armor!”

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As Sheep continues to concoct and create cosplays in her lair, we can’t wait to see her strut her stuff as Ashe and Pharah. Until then, though, we’re under her spell.

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