Jessica Nigri shows off epic Overwatch Mercy cosplay

by Bill Cooney
Jessica Nigri


Cosplayers love Overwatch because the varied roster of heroes provides plenty of opportunity for creativity and the flow of cosplays from the game’s heroes hasn’t slowed down even after almost three years since release.


Well-known cosplayer Jessica Nigri posted her impressive Mercy creation from 2018 on March 11 and said it was her favorite creation from the last year.

Nigri said it was her first time using acrylic in a costume for the wings, a move that worked out and ended up looking great.

Jessica Nigri/Martin Wong Photo
Jessica Nigri/Martin Wong Photo


Mercy is one of Overwatch’s most popular characters and has inspired plenty of cosplay interpretations since the game was released.

‘Mythic’ Mercy may not be a real skin, yet, but Nigri’s creation looks like it could be straight out of the game, especially those awesome wings.

Jessica Nigri/Martin Wong Photo
Jessica Nigri/Martin Wong Photo


The thread below Nigri’s original post is filled with fans sharing their own fantastic cosplays from the past year as well.

Even though most of them aren’t Overwatch related, the amount of creativity and work that went into each one is mind-blowing.

Whatever 2019 brings to the game of Overwatch, there are sure to be plenty more awesome cosplays in the year to come.