Overwatch cosplayer creates jaw-dropping Mercy wings that actually work

Zibartas/Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch cosplayer ‘Zibartas’ shared his progress on the latest character he’s bringing to life from the game: healing hero Mercy, and so far, things are looking pretty sweet.

The healer is one of Overwatch’s original characters, and she’s been a fan-favorite for cosplayers since before the game even came out.

Over the years, fans have certainly put out some fantastic Mercy creations – but the project Zibartas Cosplay is currently working on could end up being one of the most technically impressive we’ve ever seen.

Zibartas built his Mercy wings out of a metal frame, with a motor to move them.

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Zibartas has shared some of his progress on the cosplay before; he built the wings with a metal frame powered by a motor, and added on details to make them look just like Mercy’s.

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In his latest update, we get to see the extremely bright LED lights that were added to the wings for extra special effects pizazz.

Combine those lights with the motion of the wings at night, and you basically have a pair of IRL Mercy wings. They may not let him fly, but there’s no doubt they look amazing.

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With the wings complete, it’s now time for Zibartas to take on other parts of Mercy’s kit – namely her staff, which rotates round and round in-game.

If he went to all the trouble to make the hero’s wings move, there’s a good chance the cosplayer will also go all out when making her staff, which we can’t wait to see.

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Interestingly enough, one of the original developer concepts penned Mercy as a male character, which could make Zibartas’ genderbent cosplay technically canon. Don’t quote us on that, though.

Blizzard Entertainment
Overwatch very well could have had a male version of Mercy if things had gone a bit differently.

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The Danish cosplayer has already pulled off amazing costumes for Doomfist, Soldier and other Overwatch heroes – but if his entire Mercy project shapes up to look as good as the wings do, it just might be his best yet.