Overwatch content creators reportedly shown “nothing” during secret dev meeting

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Overwatch content creators excited about the future of the game in 2022 have clarified that they haven’t seen anything new during a secret meeting with developers that amplified their hopes.

Overwatch has been undergoing a bit of a rough patch lately. With Overwatch 2 still without an official release date and new content for the first game at all-time lows, fans have been growing restless.

Now, with content creators expressing new “faith” in the game following a secret meeting with developers, some new details have been revealed.

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While what was really talked about at the meeting remains unknown, YouTuber Stylosa has cleared up some misconceptions. (segment begins at 1:55)

What did Overwatch creators see at secret dev meeting?

In a new video, the British YouTuber explained how there was “no content shown off” during the call at all. This means he didn’t lay eyes on any new heroes, maps or anything that hasn’t been shown off yet for Overwatch 2.

“It was simply Blizzard saying these are strong indicators on our direction of the game in 2022,” he said, noting how he couldn’t go further into detail. “It was fairly loose. It wasn’t ‘this is exactly what we’re doing. This is a list of things that are happening.’ It was none of that.”

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Blizzard Entertainment
Overwatch fans are expecting big news in 2022.

However, he did tease that there was one big thing that would make content creators excited, hinting that the big clue is in their job description, suggesting some major content is in the works.

With the next season of the Overwatch League being played on an early build of Overwatch 2 come April, hopefully this will mean a beta gets released so more players can sink their teeth into the sequel for Blizzard’s hero shooter.

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