Overwatch Contenders trophy hilariously falls apart on stage - Dexerto

Overwatch Contenders trophy hilariously falls apart on stage

Published: 19/Jan/2019 19:29 Updated: 19/Jan/2019 19:30

by Vincent Genova


A hilarious blooper capped off Overwatch Contenders Season 3 when the trophy presentation took a turn for the worse.

RunAway defeated Element Mystic to win Korea’s Season 3 Contenders and headed to the center of the stage to claim their reward.


The whole team placed their hands on the trophy to get ready for the lift, usually a perfect photo opportunity that will be remembered for years to come. Unfortunately, the trophy was not up to the moment.


The handle split right off, causing an uncomfortable situation as the Korean team tried to put the handle back on in the middle of the trophy ceremony.

At least RunAway has more incentive to make the actual Overwatch League where the trophies are of a more solid quality, even if the musical performances are not.


RunAway has been a dominant force in Overwatch Contenders, winning the past two seasons with two different rosters.

After winning Korea’s Contenders Season 2, the entire roster was bought out to become an expansion Overwatch League team in Vancouver.


RunAway signed six new players and picked up where they left off, winning Contenders Season 3.