Overwatch Contenders player ‘FR3E’ responds to sexual misconduct allegations

Se7en/Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch pro Tae-in ‘FR3E’ Yoon has given his side of the story after being released from the Meta Skyfoxes Korean Contenders roster following allegations of sexual misconduct from his ex-girlfriend.

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On June 14, allegations of sexual misconduct were posted by FR3E’s ex-girlfriend on Twitter, and the player was removed from the Meta Skyfoxes roster a few hours later following an internal investigation by the team.

After parting ways with the team, FR3E posted a response to the accusations on Twitter, and gave his side of the story.

FR3E during APEX Season 4 in 2017 when he played for KongDoo Uncia.
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What did FR3E say?

After being dropped from Meta Skyfoxes, FR3E responded on Twitter, translated by gatamchun, promising to explain his side of the story in more detail.

“I would like to sincerely apologize to the lady in question who was hurt by my actions, and the fans who cheered for me,” FR3E said on June 14. “But there are some untrue things that have become accepted as fact, and these I will clarify once I’m back in Korea.”

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On June 17, FR3E posted a long response to the accusations via Twitter, where he gave more details of the situation from his point of view.

The player said he and his ex had gone on a date on May 18 after breaking up in April earlier in the year, and admitted to hugging and kissing her after she had told him not to.

“Unlike what she had written, I have never taken her clothes off nor touched her when she was asleep,” FR3E said in his Twitlonger post. “In the Facebook message that she showed, she said ‘you were the one who touched me when I was sleeping’ and I did say ‘sorry’ because I thought she was talking about the kiss (a peck on the cheek), not physically touching her.”

What happens next?

FR3E said that the two were in a relationship, and both he and his ex were minors at the time – a minor is anyone under 19 years old in Korea.

The player turned 19 on March 29, which would make him an adult at the time the incident happened on May 18. So far no party has said anything about any criminal charges going forward but we will update with any details as they become available.