Overwatch Contenders fire admin behind 5v6 controversy after racist remarks surface

Overwatch Contenders admin firedBlizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch Contenders admin responsible for an infamous pause controversy that forced a team to compete down a player in a must-win match has been fired after racist comments were brought to light.

An official Contenders admin kicked off a firestorm in the pro scene after he prevented Ardour from using their ten-minute time bank to allow for Noble’s DPS Alex ‘Seeker’ Taylor to rejoin a match following connection issues.

Despite Ardour offering their own time bank be used so that the match could go on as a 6v6, the admin refused, resulting in Leo ‘SZNS’ Gzebb leaving himself in an act of sportsmanship.

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After a lot of controversy with streamers and community figures upset at the outcome of the match, a statement was issued by Blizzard saying that all the rules were in fact followed, but things could have been handled better.

Doomfist and Baptiste contenders skinsBlizzard Entertainment
Blizzard apologized for the situation.

“We recognize that it negatively impacted the results of the map, and apologize to players and all Contenders fans. We will work on the rules to create better escalation paths for situations such as this one,” they wrote.

Now, the same admin involved in the pause drama has been removed after Discord screenshots showing him use racist language during a conversation with Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau.

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Overwatch Contenders announced that Xou would no longer be working with them in a tweet on July 19. “There is no place for racism in Overwatch Contenders,” they wrote.

“My words were incredibly careless and stupid at the time. They wrongly illustrate my opinions as I will always strongly disagree with any form of racism. I regret them and feel deeply sorry for the pain they have caused,” Xou wrote in a Twitlonger following his removal.

He also commented on the 5v6 fiasco, writing: “I was convinced my role was to strictly enforce the rules regarding pause time at this moment. But given the stakes and the timing of the disconnection, I should have showed more flexibility and better communication with the tournament production regarding the options to consider. I failed to find the right balance in my decision making for a satisfying conclusion for all parties involved, including the fans, in this match.”

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Xou also announced that he would be ending his involvement with the Overwatch esports community, noting that his actions have caused “too much embarrassment and troubles for his former colleagues.”