Overwatch Contenders broadcast talent walk out over “appalling” offers


The Korean Overwatch Contender’s English broadcast talent has walked out after being offered “appalling” rates to host the tournament. 

The Overwatch Contenders scene is not only a place for prospective OWL players to hone their skills, but it is also a breeding ground for some of OWL’s greatest broadcast talent. From the likes of Josh “Sideshow” Wilkinson, Brennon “Bren” Hook, and Seth “Achilios” King cutting their teeth in Contenders, we’ve seen many OWL stars get their start here both on and off-screen. 

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The importance of the Contenders scene cannot be understated for players and talent alike. However, the 2023 Korean Contenders Circuit, a region known for producing much of the league’s top talent, has seen a good chunk of its broadcast crew walk away. 

According to Matt “Pixie” Carol, a regular caster for the Pacific and Korean division of Contenders, he claims the production company, WDG, was offering “unacceptable” rates to much of the English broadcast team. 

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How much was being offered to Contenders broadcast talent?

Pixie claimed in a March 22 Twitlonger that his day rate is $600, and he claims other Tier 2 (aka Contenders) talent have a similar pay range between $500 – $700 depending on region and experience level. Pixie claims WDG was offering $200. 

“This is appalling,” he said. He claims other English broadcast talent was also offered the same rates, which is why many usual English talent is absent from the stream. 

Pixie says himself, Hamzah “lafon” Mostafa, and Paul “Paulsible” Morrison, two other long-time casters in the scene, have chosen not to accept the lowball offer. Plausible had already announced his exit from the Contenders scene previous to Pixie’s Twitlonger.

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Pixie also wanted to make it clear that Blizzard is not to blame for the 2023 offers. “In my communications with Blizzard about this they have agreed that this rate is unacceptably low given the caliber of talent,” he said.

He went on to clarify that the Korean Contenders Circuit is largely run by WDG, not by Blizzard. But he still says they still bear some fault as he hopes they support future English broadcasts in the Contenders scene. 

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Who is currently on the English Broadcast team for Korean Contenders?

Currently, the only two English talents onboard for the Korean and APAC Contenders Spring Season are Reuben “Oparer” Roberts and Papadaka. 

Pixie ended his Twitlonger saying, “At this point, my interest is in shaping Oparer and PapaDaka into the best casters they can be.” Continuing to say, “if they’re the successors for T2 then they should be supported in exactly the way I wish I had been.”

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