Overwatch console players have a problem with Baptiste’s Immortality Field

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch players on console have been having a hard time taking out Baptiste’s Immortality Field due to the aim assist feature on Playstation and Xbox.

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Aim assist provides a slight lock on to enemies for console players, since aiming with joysticks on a controller is typically far less precise than using a mouse.

Usually it isn’t much of an issue, and you almost forget aim assist is even there after a while, but players have discovered that it gets really annoying when trying to take out Baptiste’s Immortality field.

Blizzard EntertainmentBaptiste’s Immortality Field prevents any allies within range from being eliminated while active.
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Stay on target

Since Baptiste hit the scene, there have been several threads and posts from console players about how aim assist can make taking out the Immortality Field generator, or lamp, much more challenging.

The lamp is a pretty small target that aim assist doesn’t lock on to, and is usually surrounded by a group of tightly-packed enemy players, which activate the feature.

So when you’re aiming at Baptiste’s generator while enemies are around on console, your crosshairs will have a tough time staying on target due to aim assist.

Console players have been asking for an option to decrease or disable aim assist, which would ironically make aiming easier in a lot of situations, and Overwatch’s Lead Software Engineer Bill Warnecke said they were working on a fix for the next patch.

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Blizzard EntertainmentSo far, there’s been no word on any upcoming aim assist changes.
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What’s coming to Overwatch?

Overwatch’s 2019 Anniversary event ends Monday, June 10, but Director Jeff Kaplan has teased a new hero and more new content coming later this Summer.

Console players are still waiting for the new Replay feature to make it into the main game from the PTR, since console players still don’t have access to it.

Whether the aim assist issue ever gets fixed is entirely up to Blizzard, but it’s encouraging to see that they’re aware of the problem affecting console players.

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