Overwatch community want an “actual” balance patch after months without update

Michael Gwilliam
Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch players fed up with the current state of the game are calling for Blizzard to finally start balancing the game again after months without a new update.

With Overwatch 2 still without a release date and Blizzard focusing its attention on the sequel, players are feeling a bit of withdrawal from new updates.

Despite the Winter Wonderland event and popular creator Experimental patch, the game hasn’t seen proper hero balance changes in quite some time and users are getting fed up.

In a series of posts on Reddit, fans voiced frustration with the lack of updates and even how weird the previous live patch actually was.

Overwatch gameplay
There hasn’t been a new Overwatch patch in a few months.

Overwatch players hit out at Blizzard over patches

In a thread, users explained that although they liked the Experimental patch, they really want a real update and some couldn’t even recall when the last actual patch was.

“From what I can tell, the last actual balance patch was 145 days ago (5th August), when we got things like Roadhog providing less ult charge, and Genji Dragonblade nerf,” a fan discovered.

“Chess might be updated sooner than OW,” another joked, leading another fan to suggest chess would get a new map before Overwatch.

Baptiste uses Immortality Field to counter riptire
Blizzard Entertainment
Players still want nerfs to Immortality Field.

Others commented on what changes they’d like to see made in an upcoming patch.

“Balance definitely pretty good, especially in ranked, but wish they would still make some changes. Immortality Field still needs changes and would love to see [Zenyatta’s] Discord tuned down. Game just feels a bit nicer when those aren’t as powerful,” a fan suggested.

There’s no indication of when Overwatch will actually see a new patch again, and it seems even more complicated when Overwatch League will be playing on an early build of OW2 in April.

Hopefully, if fans don’t end up getting a new balance patch they can at least get their hands on Overwatch 2 in some capacity in the near future.