Overwatch community reacts to Sigma’s abilities, shield and… feet?

Blizzard Entertainment/Nesskain

Overwatch’s latest hero, Sigma, is officially on the PTR  and the game’s community is going wild with speculation and reaction to everything about the character including his feet for some reason. 

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Popular YouTube channel YourOverwatch were impressed, saying “CRAZY high skill ceiling tank, the hardest one by far atm.” 

“His kit is probably the most intricate of any OW hero,” they added. “Lots of gadgets and interactions.”

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There is a lot to take in. Sigma’s primary fire ability “HyperSphere” can bounce and his barrier can be projected outwards, meaning that players will have to do some calculating in their heads to get the most out of Sigma’s abilities.

Contenders caster Harry “Legday” Pollitt echoed the statement. “The multitude of placement options for Sigma’s experiments barrier could make him a fantastic tool for sniper suppression. Their angles will be more about surprise and unexpected shots before they get a barrier in their face.” 

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Another Contenders caster, Kevin “AVRL” Walker was equally impressed.

“Sigma’s E ability is the exact right way to implement CC into the game. Skill based and difficult to get maximum value but highly rewarding for good mechanics if you can land the ability right,” the voice of Pacific Contenders wrote.

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“Sigma has a shield… We approve of this,”  The LA Gladiators, whose chant is “shields up”, tweeted. 

Support players weren’t as impressed. 

“I can’t wait to throw all my Ana nades against Sigma’s shield,” the manager of EU powerhouse Clockwork Vendetta Kayjii said. 

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Lucio prodigy Redshell didn’t think that Sigma is powerful enough. “I think Sigma needs more base HP, he is literally so useless against alot of characters. Slow, Sluggish and Lack of armor makes him so easy to kill.” 

And some players are already finding bugs. “Testing on PTR, Sigma CAN eat ultimates. Graviton Surge and Pulse Bomb can be eaten. Testing more asap,” Volamel discovered. 

Others were just amused with the fact Sigma doesn’t wear shoes. 

“Overwatch New Hero 31 Sigma does not need shoes,” Naeri said.

What do you think of Sigma? You can try him right now on the PTR. Console players will unfortunately need to wait a little bit longer before they can test out the game’s latest main tank.