Overwatch community gets baited by the Los Angeles Gladiators

Blizzard Entertainment/The Overwatch League

The Los Angeles Gladiators surprised everyone in the Overwatch community on Wednesday, November 27 when they first indicated they would be saying farewell to duo of Finnish players, only to reveal a short while later that was because they had signed Riku ‘Ripa’ Toivanen to make it a trio.

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Benjamin ‘BigGoose’ Isohanni and Jonas ‘Shaz’ Suovaara are two of the original members of the Gladiators and were two of the team’s best players early on in the inaugural season.

So, when the Gladiators seemingly announced the departure of the two fan-favorites, people were a little confused.

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Instead of releasing the two, the Gladiators revealed the Finnish duo would now become a trio, with the addition of support player Ripa from Team Gigantti in Contender’s Europe.

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The Overwatch communities reactions to being baited ranged from amusement to criticism of the Gladiators for the way they handled the announcement.

Most fans seemed happy to welcome Ripa to the team though, and it will be interesting to see what he bring to the Gladiators in Season 2.

The way his signing was announced was undoubtedly the most creative we’ve seen so far, but it’s not a strategy likely to be repeated.

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