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Overwatch community demands map fixes due to buggy Ultimate interactions

Published: 19/Feb/2020 0:17

by Brad Norton


Wins and losses in Overwatch are largely determined by the effectiveness of your Ultimates and the community is riled up as buggy map design has been wasting various abilities.

Whiffing Ultimates can lose you a fight and potentially even entire matches in Overwatch. One critical Earthshatter might make the difference between hitting a new rank and dropping a heap of SR. 

Fumbling due to your own misplay is one thing, but the Overwatch community has recently grown frustrated over Ultimates being nullified due to buggy map design. 

A single Ultimate is enough to turn the tide of a crucial team-fight.

While certain heroes have endured awkward Ultimates for quite some time, it seems as though various sections of popular maps are actually the reason behind abilities not working.


Highlighting the King’s Row Hybrid map in particular, Reddit user ‘RebootATA’ showcased how a chunk of the map in the third and final phase, completely negated his Reinhardt Ultimate and allowed the enemy team to ignore a potentially fight-winning stun.

Smashing into the ground after taking the enemy Rein out of action, the player essentially found themselves in a position to land a free Earthshatter on a number of vulnerable targets.

Despite lining it up perfectly, however, the ability failed to connect with even so much as a single target.

Blizzard really needs to fix this spot on Kings Row from Competitiveoverwatch

Leading to a great deal of frustration, the player exposed how the awkward section of King’s Row can also lead to other Ultimates being wasted.


“From missing [Graviton Surges] and Mei Ults to Rein shatters like this one, this part of last point of King’s Row is so frustrating,” they said. “There is no purpose [to] it.”

Chiming in with experiences of their own, Reddit user ‘WeeziMonkey’ outlined similar issues on other maps. “Route 66 also has these small cracks in the ground big enough for an Orisa shield to fall through,” they shared. 

A missed Ultimate or a flimsy shield is all that’s needed for the opposing team to capitalize and win a team-fight. Hence the evident frustration when various abilities have zero impact due to clunky map design.


While small gaps in certain terrain might be simpler to patch down the line, there’s no indicating whether a fix is on the way for the issue specific to King’s Row. 

Take this knowledge with you into your next Overwatch sessions and be wary of just where you’re using Ultimate abilities when these maps appear in the rotation.