Overwatch comic book character could be new hero the game needs

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Overwatch hasn’t seen a new hero added to the roster since April 2020, but a recurring character in one of the game’s comics may just be the fresh face Blizzard’s FPS needs.

One of the major criticisms players have leveled at Blizzard Entertainment’s flagship FPS, Overwatch, is the distinct lack of new heroes following Echo’s release in 2020.

As Overwatch 2‘s release date continues to be pushed into what seems like oblivion, fans have demanded that characters like Canadian Captain, Sojourn, and the Archives event’s mystery villain be added to the game.

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A new contender for the next Overwatch hero has entered the fray, however, as a recurring character from the game’s comic book series has intrigued readers.

It looks like a familiar face has returned in Blizzard’s new Overwatch comic.

Overwatch comics reveal potential new hero

In addition to the game and its accompanying cinematics, Blizzard have also released a series of comic books inspired by Overwatch’s ongoing story.

One character who has appeared in multiple novels is Mirembe, a former squad member who appears to have taken part in several rescue operations on behalf of the team. Additionally, during the official Recall cinematic, she appears in Winston’s database of former Overwatch agents.

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The mysterious character has appeared for a third time in the ongoing ‘New Blood’ series. During a flashback scene on page 21 of book three, Mirembe can be seen helping an injured civilian to safety (see image above). Having released on January 11, players are wondering if the comic heralds a new hero for either the base game or its sequel.

“In the most recent Overwatch comics (New Blood 3) we can see an Overwatch agent that we have already seen in the past: Mirembe,” reads one Reddit post. “Now we want to know: will she be in OW2? (not necessarily as a hero, maybe even as an NPC?)”

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While it’s more likely we’d see the character make her debut in Overwatch 2, it’ll be interesting to see whether or not Mirembe will be confined to the comics. After all, she’s giving us some support vibes, and we need some more healers!

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