Overwatch bug preventing players from unlocking some Lunar New year rewards

Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch players have noticed they’re unable to unlock the Year of the Rat spray for the game’s Lunar New Year event, even though it’s supposed to be available in loot boxes.

The first Overwatch event of 2020 started on January 16, bringing with it a new Capture the Flag mode, along with new cosmetics for players.

So far, things seem to have gone without a hitch, but players interested in completing their Lunar New Year spray collection have run into a problem.

Overwatch Lunar New Year Lucio sprayBlizzard Entertainment
Besides skins, there are also a number of new sprays for players to collect in 2020.

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Almost as soon as the event got going, players noticed they were unable to unlock the “Year of the Rat” spray either in the hero gallery or in loot boxes.

“Has anyone actually looted the new player spray of the year of the rat symbol?” a player named “Raven” asked on the Overwatch forums. “Says that it comes from the lunar boxes, but I’ve gotten all the other new drops from this year and not that ,and that seems odd ,since sprays are usually easily all gotten from multiple boxes.”

Overwatch comments Lunar New Year bugBlizzard Entertainment
Raven wasn’t the only one to notice the spray wasn’t available to players.

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Dexerto tested the claim and the “Year of the Rat” spray was indeed unavailable for purchase at the time of writing, but whether or not it could actually show up in loot boxes remains unknown.

What’s strange is that the other Lunar New Year sprays are available for purchase, and in previous years, the same kind of spray as “Year of the Rat” from other years was able to be bought with coins in the Hero Gallery.

The spray itself is a red rat silhouette against a yellow background; not the craziest design, but something that those completionist Overwatch fans out there definitely would like to get their hands on.

Year of the Rat Blizzard Overwatch sprayBlizzard Entertainment
The Lunar New Year spray in question that has so far eluded players.

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It could just be a case of incredibly poor RNG on this year’s loot boxes, but that doesn’t explain why it isn’t available to buy in the Hero Gallery.

Blizzard has yet to respond the spray being unavailable at the time of publishing, but it does seem like an easy issue that could be fixed quickly once devs are aware of it.