Overwatch bug makes Mercy, Ashe, and B.O.B. an even deadlier combo

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch players have discovered what could be a new bug that allows Mercy to Damage Boost Ashe and B.O.B. at the same time, even when her ultimate isn’t active.

B.O.B. is Ashe’s ultimate ability/butler, but even though he’s not a fully-fledged hero, the Omnic is definitely a fan-favorite.

He’s also the only ultimate ability that can capture or contest points all on his own, which makes this latest potential bug even more powerful.

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Blizzard EntertainmentB.O.B. is the only ability in Overwatch that acts as basically a seventh hero on the team.

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Video of the Ashe and B.O.B. being Damage Boosted by Mercy at the same time was posted by YouTuber Skeffi, and the whole interaction between the three is just plain weird.

For instance, if you Damage Boost Ashe, B.O.B. will also be affected, but if you just target the Omnic, it doesn’t work anymore.

This is different from the interaction players are used to because, in the past, you’ve been able to boost B.O.B. or Ashe individually, but it doesn’t mean this is necessarily a bad thing for players.

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Is this really a bug though?

While the interaction is different from what players are used to up to this point in Overwatch, it’s not clear whether this is a glitch or just an unlisted change/buff.

In a Reddit post on the same topic, players claimed that the effects of Ana’s Nano Boost also transfer from Ashe to B.O.B. which is definitely different than before, where you could directly Nano B.O.B.

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Players on Reddit also claimed that the same interaction is now possible with Torb and his Turret, but Dexerto was unable to find a clip of that happening or verify in-game at the time of writing.

One final thing to note, in the killfeed you can see that B.O.B.’s kills are counted as Ashe eliminations (like normal) but with a Mercy assist as well.

This is what’s weird because Damage Boost shouldn’t apply to B.O.B. when only Ashe is the one being boosted, unless Mercy is using her ultimate.

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Whether it’s a bug or not, Mercy and Ashe could be a potent combination with this new interaction.

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There was a new Overwatch Retail patch on February 25, which could be the culprit behind this bizarre new interaction between Mercy and Ashe, but it’s not listed on the Known Issues list on the game’s official forum.

While it’s not listed as a known issue by devs, other users have posted about the strange interaction on the forums, but whether Blizzard will fix or revert the bug remains to be seen.

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For now though, it might be worth pairing up with a Mercy or Ashe playing friend to try and see if you can use the bizarre interaction to your advantage.