Overwatch players discover unique Brigitte voice lines in new StarCraft skin

Brianna Reeves
overwatch medic brigitte starcraft skin
Activision Blizzard

According to attentive Overwatch players, the StarCraft-themed Medic Brigitte skin features more than half a dozen custom voice-over lines. 

Blizzard Entertainment deployed the all-new Medic skin earlier this week, though Overwatch users cannot earn the item by traditional means.

Instead of opening loot boxes or completing challenges, those interested in Brigitte’s Legendary StarCraft look must give three subscriptions to eligible Twitch streamers like xQc, Merciful, and Oasis.

Notably, this Support a Streamer event will remain in place through July 20 at 11:00 AM PDT. The skin works in Overwatch, the sequel’s second beta, and will transfer to Overwatch 2 upon its release this fall.

Overwatch’s Medic Brigitte StarCraft skin has custom voice lines

overwatch brigitte starcraft unique voice lines
Activision Blizzard
Brigitte’s StarCraft-style makeover.

Brigitte’s Medic skin entered the wild only a handful of days ago, yet Overwatch faithful have already uncovered some of its more unique qualities.

Redditor flygande_jakob said that while using the StarCraft skin, they’ve heard no less than 10 brand-new voice-over lines. For instance, when donning her latest get-up, the character will now say things like “call the blood bank” on kills.

At the start of a match, she’ll blurt out, “If I do it wrong it will hurt a little, if I do it right it will hurt a lot!’” After respawning, the character may ask “where does it hurt?”

The Overwatch player additionally claimed to have encountered previously unheard weapon, shield, and ability sounds when Brigitte’s wearing the StarCraft skin. Apparently, the effects for her abilities and weapons should sound more “spacey,” too.

Some may find the extra voice lines well worth the three gift subscriptions on Twitch, especially since each line is distinctly Medic-related.

The Support a Streamer event comes at the perfect time, given Overwatch 2’s currently running second beta on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. Blizzard plans to end the beta period on July 18.