Overwatch Bastion skin concept starts Halloween Terror early

Overwatch Bastion haunted house skin conceptShane Gorski, Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s Halloween Terror is one of the title’s most highly anticipated events, but this spooky version of Bastion is a little too early to the party.

We may just be on our second week of the Overwatch Summer Games, but fans are already looking ahead to Halloween Terror, the game’s spooktacular holiday extravaganza set to drop in October.

Bringing back all-time favorite games such as the PvE Junkenstein mode, the reason players are always so excited about this event are the amazing skins that come with it. From that iconic Witch Mercy to the terrifying Ragdoll Echo, these skins haunt games all year round.

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Getting in the mood for spooky season is Bastion, however, who has been reimagined by one fan in this spectacular yet gristly skin concept.

Overwatch BastionBlizzard Entertainment
Despite being adorable, Bastion is one of Overwatch’s most controversial characters.

Overwatch Halloween Terror Bastion concept is perfect

The brainchild of artist Drawingsbygoeff, whose Reddit account is named after the title’s iconic Egyptian sniper, the polarizing omnic has been transformed into a haunted house that would make mythological Baba Yaga proud.

Framed by a stony grey background, the cute little DPS hero isn’t cute anymore. His limbs have been recreated out of old, battered wood, with loose leaves and spindly branches poking out from the crevices where each body part joins together.

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Deep violet roofs sit atop these rickety oak foundations, with a host of square and circular windows bleeding light into the darkness. His blue visor has been replaced by a diamond shaped pane, whose glass segments come together to form a lifeless, staring eye.

Each of his weapons have also been perfectly woven into the design. The turret that decimates enemies in his Defense Form has been reimagined as a deep red chimney, while his sub-machine gun arm is disguised as a gravestone that reads ‘R.I.P’ – likely meaning rest in pieces.

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In the comments section of the skin’s dedicated Reddit post, people are going wild for this creative new idea. One fan writes “actually amazing, I want so much,” and another echoes this with “I love that turret is a chimney, that’s awesome!”

Whether or not this Baba Yaga inspired design will make into this year’s event remains to be seen, but we’re going to make sure we take a different route around that creepy house at the end of the neighbourhood. Who knows what horrors lurk within…

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