Overwatch artist’s skeletal skin idea brings Sigma back from the grave

Blizzard Entertainment

One Overwatch fan and artist has come up with a terrifying new skin for Sigma that includes an idea we could see being included in the actual game.

Sigma players have been riding high (literally) after the April Fool’s day Experimental patch granted the tank some ridiculous, albeit temporary buffs.

Just a day after the buffs went live, one artist came out with a new skin idea they call “High Noon” Sigma, that would be just perfect for the Halloween Terror event, and could even pass for Anniversary as well.

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Sigma hits opponents with Gravitic Flux on Vokskaya IndustriesBlizzard Entertainment
Sigma has literally ascended following the April Fool’s Experimental update.

Artist and Overwatch fan Jordi Miras is the mind we have to thank for coming up with this brilliant look for the tank hero that sort of makes him look like a mix of McCree and the Balrog from Lord of the Rings.

He’s dressed as what looks like a cowboy from Hell, with a lasso, bandolier and some fiery orbs as his primary weapon. On his back is the tumbleweed that appears during the “High Noon” ultimate.

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A fiery, horned skull floats on top of his body in place of his head, and to be honest it’s definitely the highlight of this skin since it’s just so different than all of Sigma’s other cosmetics.

The look and name are also a bit of an homage to the combination that can be pulled off by McCree and Sigma’s ultimates, where Gravitic Flux takes them up in the air, and High Noon finishes them off.

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Jordi Miras/Artstation
Sigma actually pulls off the flaming skull look quite well!

The next event coming up on the Overwatch calendar is Archives, which gets going on April 6. Unfortunately we couldn’t see this demonic cowboy look fitting into Sigma’s actual lore, but it would be just great as a Halloween Terror event skin, even if we’re still  months away from that event.

While Jordi’s exact skin making it into the game might be a long shot, like most other fan-made skins, a Sigma skin that replaces his head with a floating skull is something we could definitely see happening.

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