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Overwatch artists creates Monocle Moira skin concept

Published: 3/Jun/2019 20:31 Updated: 3/Jun/2019 20:47

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch fans love coming up with their own skin designs for their favorite heroes, and one creative player finally gave Moira a monocle.

Moira is the closest thing to a moustache twirling villain about to tie a damsel in distress to some railroad tracks as an oncoming train approaches that Overwatch has, so a monocle definitely fits with her character.


Overwatch fans dotPaperCrowndot and Heymacrd decided to finally give Moira the accessory she’s needed forever – a dignified and sophisticated monocle, of course.

Moira would look good in a monocle, you can’t deny it.

“How uncivilized”

In their concept skin, dotPaperCrowndot replaced the metallic augment over Moira’s left eye with a monocle, and it makes it look like the hero is ready for a high society function alongside Socialite Ashe and B.O.B.


But the eyewear is only the beginning of this skin concept, which, based on the responses on Reddit, would be a very popular concept among players.

She’s got a purple jewel over an ascot on her shirt, and what looks like a black greatcoat over her shoulders instead of her usual cape, which just helps to complete the supervillain look of this skin.

This skin would have been the perfect addition to Overwatch’s new Anniversary skins or even for the Archive event, provided it were real. 


dotPaperCrowndot/HeymacrdThis just makes us realize how much we need monocle Moira in our lives.

When will we get more new Overwatch skins?

The next Overwatch event following Anniversary is the Summer Games event, which according to Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan, will happen sometime in August.

Along with the new event, Hero 31 will also come out sometime this summer as well, but Kaplan didn’t get any more specific than that.

As far as the Summer games go, it’s a fair bet to say Baptiste, Ashe and Hammond, who have all been released in the last year, will be getting new skins, but whether Moira will or not remains to be seen.


Clever trick lets Overwatch players counter Doomfist’s ult

Published: 19/Oct/2020 14:07

by Lauren Bergin


Overwatch players have discovered a new way to counter Doomfist’s pesky ultimate, Meteor Strike.

Overwatch has a host of colorful characters for players to get their hands on, but Doomfist stands out as one of the most popular heroes on offer in the game. A force to be reckoned with, the hero has come to dominate both the casual and competitive Overwatch scene.


Multiple Doomfist tactics have become popular recently, including the infamous Blizzard World flank that has been wreaking havoc across the Overwatch world.

Also, his ultimate Meteor Strike remains one of the most impactful ultimates in the game.

Doomfist Overwatch
Looking for a Doomfist counter? Well, this Reddit user might have found one of the best yet.

Doomfist ultimate counter discovered

Overwatch players collectively sigh as they watch Doomfist soar high into the air before crashing back down to earth and unleashing a blast of energy which obliterates your entire team.

Yet, his reign of terror may be coming to an end due to a discovery by Reddit user Genji and Ana main.

Their post showcases how Reinhardt’s Charge ability can interrupt Meteor Strike, making it useless.


How to counter Doomfist’s ult (twice) from Overwatch

Just as Doomfist connects with the ground, a perfectly timed Reinhardt Charge can knock him out of his ultimate, subsequently seeing him get pinned to Reinhardt and demolished against a wall. Genji and Ana main demonstrates this a couple of times, proving that the infamous Meteor Strike can be countered if the player gets their timing just right.

This neat trick is a game changer. While he remains a staple DPS for many Overwatch players, Reinhardt has equally risen in priority due to his strength and mobility. If Reinhardt continues to dominate him in the 1 v 1, Doomfist players will have to change up their strategy.

Is this the end of this infamous hero’s dominance? Only time will tell. In the meantime though, it’s worth giving this a spin.