Overwatch artist gives Officer Brigitte a new partner with Bastion concept skin

Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment

One artist and major new patch and Baptiste’s Reunion Challenge starting, there’s also a surprising amount of police-themed Overwatch content today.

Around the same time a new Cops and Robbers Workshop mode was shared, concept artist Jarold Sng came out with an awesome concept for a skin that makes Bastion look like something out of RoboCop.

Jarold Sng
This is what the Police Bastions look like as they roll off the factory floor (probably).
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“You have 20 seconds to comply”

First off, Police Bastion looks incredible with a black and white paint scheme and a red and blue siren on either shoulder.

His Recon weapon has been made to look like an actual gun, and his turret looks even deadlier as a minigun sitting on his back.

Sng said he wanted to make the concept “almost like a Paul Verhoeven 80s action crime film (Think: RoboCop/Total Recall) with Bastion as a robotic lead.”

Police Bastion looks pretty intimidating and he would probably fit in perfectly in an automated, dystopian police force, which seems to be exactly what Sng was going for.

Jarold Sng
Be careful, or Jeff will send officer Bastion after you.
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Get a new Baptiste skin during the Recall Challenge

Along with the June 18 Patch, Overwatch also started Baptiste’s Recall Challenge, which allows players to unlock a new, limited-time Baptiste skin by winning nine games in Quick Play, Arcade or Competitive.

The Recall Challenge goes from June 18 to July 1 and once it’s over the new “Combat Medic” Baptiste skin will be unavailable, so players should get it while they can.

Even though Police Bastion isn’t a real skin yet, Blizzard seems to enjoy turning heroes into cops, so there’s a chance we could see something similar someday.