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Overwatch April 1 Experimental Mode patch notes: Mei & Reinhardt nerfed

Published: 1/Apr/2020 23:24

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch rolled out a new update on April 1 for Experimental Mode that contains buffs for Ashe, Pharah and Genji, along with nerfs for Mei and Reinhardt.

The Experimental card is sort of a mini-PTR contained within the main game that developers can test out changes on. One advantage it has over the test region is that players on console can also try out the mode’s updates, giving devs even more feedback.


Coming from a triple damage test, the update might not seem as exciting with the return to 2-2-2, but it does contain some interesting changes for a trio of the game’s DPS heroes.

Blizzard Entertainment
Ashe will be able to reload and fire from the hip faster in the Experimental mode.

To start, the update increases the magazine size of Ashe’s Viper Rifle from 12 to 15 rounds, along with increasing the maximum spread of unscoped shots from four to six.


Players will also find it quicker to fire from the hip after looking through the sights in with the patch, and the ability to reload much quicker following a scoped shot.

Genji’s secondary fire cooldown, which launches three shurikens at once, is reduced from 0.75 to 0.65, which means he can spam it even quicker now.

Pharah might see the most significant buff, which is actually a revert of a previous nerf developers slapped on her. The direct impact damage from her rockets has been reduced from 55 to 40, but, the explosion, or AOE damage, is increased from 65 to 80 – making it rely less on precise aiming.

Blizzard Entertainment
Pharah’s rockets should be easier to deal damage with in the Experimental Mode following this update.

Reinhardt’s nerf is relatively simple, his passive ability that prevents knockback is reduced from 50% reduction to just 30%.

Mei players will be hoping that this experimental card isn’t a sign of what’s to come for their favorite hero, because her ammo pool has been reduced from 200 to just 120.

The ammo cost for her secondary fire icicles have been reduced from 20 to 10, so while you’ll still be able to deal damage with those, the amount of freezing that she can do has been drastically reduced.

Mei will be just a bit less scary with the new experimental update.

We don’t know how long exactly the new Experimental changes will be around for, but previous tests have lasted for about a week, before a full-game update.

The full, April 1 patch notes are listed below:



A new patch is now live on Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Read below to learn more about the latest changes.


The next experiment begins! This time we’re hoping to get your feedback on some balance updates. We’re using the 2-2-2 Role Queue ruleset so that you can get a feel for how these balance changes might affect the live game.



The Viper

  • Magazine size increased from 12 to 15
  • Shots no longer queue up the next shot if pressed slightly before recovery has finished
  • Unscoped shots to reach maximum spread increased from 4 to 6
  • Unscoped shots can now be fired much more quickly after firing a scoped shot
  • You can now start reloading much more quickly after firing a scoped shot


Shuriken (Secondary Fire)

  • Recovery lowered from 0.75 to 0.65 seconds


Endothermic Blaster

  • Maximum ammo reduced from 200 to 120

Endothermic Blaster (Secondary Fire)

  • Ammo cost reduced from 20 to 10


Rocket Launcher

  • Explosion damage increased from 65 to 80
  • Impact damage decreased from 55 to 40



  • Steadfast passive knockback resistance reduced from 50% to 30%

Overwatch meets WarCraft with epic RTS custom game mode

Published: 7/Oct/2020 0:12

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch and RTS games like WarCraft and StarCraft might seem like complete opposites, but the two styles have been combined into a very promising-looking Workshop mode that lets you control multiple heroes as if they were individual units.

If we look at Blizzard games like one big family tree, then the StarCraft and Warcraft franchises could probably be considered something like Overwatch’s grandparents.


Back in the day StarCraft especially was one of the biggest esports on the planet, but the RTS genre has sadly fallen to wayside in recent years. Both still have dedicated communities though (even after the disaster that was Reforged) and it’s safe to say a good number also play Overwatch now as well.

Irish Overwatch manager Andygmb clearly hasn’t outgrown his love for real-time strategy, not that one ever does, decided to take the top down style from those games and apply it to all of our favorite heroes using Josbird’s cursor tool in the Workshop mode.


Demo of a MOBA / RTS style control scheme in the Workshop! The possibilities with the workshop are endless! from Overwatch

You can scroll around the map, and drag the map to select multiple units and control them all at once. Like an RTS game, you can tell them where to go, and when to attack something.

Right off the top of our heads if they ever were to make an Overwatch game like this, we’d wager that Roadhog rush would be a great opening build to start with.

But it doesn’t take much to imagine a League of Legends-style game as well being made playable with this type of game either. Sure, Blizzard already has Heroes of the Storm, but that only features a few Overwatch heroes to choose from, where this could add the whole roster.

Overwatch heroes 2020
Blizzard Entertainment
Overwatch has over 30 different heroes that could make all kinds of different units.

With Heroes of the Storm already existing (and producing cooler skins for D.Va than Overwatch itself) our chances of seeing an official RTS featuring the game’s heroes are unfortunately slim to none.

That has never stopped players before though, so we’d keep our eyes out for some kind of League clone to appear before too long on the Custom Game browser. Until then, you can always waste more time playing Among Us there as well.