Overwatch announces Double XP weekend to close out Anniversary event

Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard is giving 11 new skins for players to collect in 2019, but also allows them to collect any skin or cosmetic from any previous event as well.

So, if you still haven’t gotten Arctic Fox Lucio, or if you need Orbital Pharah before it becomes unavailable for the next year, you’re in luck.

Blizzard Entertainment
Roadhog mains will want to get their hands on the ‘Toxic’ skin before time runs out.
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When is the Double XP Weekend?

Overwatch’s Double XP Weekend goes from Thursday, June 6 to Monday, June 10, which gives players just under four days to stock up on extra loot boxes.

The Anniversary event ends on June 10 as well, so it seems like there could be Double XP available until the end of the event on Monday. 

Blizzard Entertainment
Thanks to the Double XP weekend, you’ll have an even better chance or scoring Pharah’s ‘Orbital’ skin.

In addition to the new Anniversary skins, previous cosmetics are still available as well, so if you didn’t grab Socialite Ashe and Monocle B.O.B. during Archives, you still have a little time to try.

Once June 10 rolls around, the Anniversary skins and other cosmetics, like all the dance emotes, won’t be available for another year, so we suggest you get them while you still can.

Blizzard Entertainment
Every true Brigitte player needs this skin.
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What’s after Overwatch’s Anniversary event?

Overwatch’s Summer Games event will start in late August, according to Jeff Kaplan, so it will be a few months before players can get any more event skins.

Kaplan also teased more “major new content” coming this summer while talking about the new Workshop and Replay features, but didn’t get into exactly what the new content could be.

While waiting for word on new content, we’ll just have to take advantage of the Double XP weekend and hope we finally get that Waveracer D.Va skin.