Overwatch adds battle royale twist in new Workshop mode for hero shooter

Overwatch Battle RoyaleBlizzard

While Blizzard seemingly has no plans for a battle royale mode in Overwatch or its upcoming sequel, community members have taken it upon themselves to design the experience with a stunning new Workshop creation.

Since its release in 2016, Overwatch has predominantly stuck with a handful of core modes. Assault, Control, Escort, and Hybrid are the competitive staples of the popular hero shooter. Occasionally limited time playlists spice things up through Lucioball or even Capture the Flag, but that’s about it.

An entirely new mode is on the way in Overwatch 2 called Push, however. This will mark the fifth core playlist in almost five years as another team-based showdown. Though one commonly requested feature is still missing from the series. A battle royale mode hasn’t ever been teased by the developers.

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Instead of waiting for a future mode that might never come, players have designed their own version. Thanks to the tools available in the Workshop mode, we have a clear look at how a battle royale experience might play out in Overwatch.

“A true battle royale comes to Overwatch,” thanks to Reddit user ‘TheDonOfDons’ who has provided two unique variations. The first is a simple deathmatch experience with one key twist. Loot is scattered across the map in four distinct rarities, similar to other battle royale experiences.

However, the main mode on display is referred to as ‘Last Man Standing.’ In this version, players will find a more authentic survival-based mode where death is permanent. Loading into a match as a solo player, you’ll have a few rounds of more relaxed looting before the intensity ramps up.

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In this initial phase, kills don’t matter but the loot you acquire couldn’t be more important. Whatever you’re able to scavenge here will transfer through to the ultimate showdown at the very end.

Once all players are geared up and ready for battle, one final round will begin and this time, dying will see you kicked out of the match entirely. A lethal zone is constantly closing in all the while, no different from any other battle royale game. So you’ll need to think fast and do the best you can to outlast all other competitors.

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Overwatch Workshop modeBlizzard
Loot can be found in four different rarities in this unique battle royale experience.

There are 20 unique forms of loot to be uncovered each time around. From invisibility to instant-Ultimates and plenty more. You’ll want to make sure you’re well equipped for the final fight.

These Workshop creations currently work across Eichenwalde, Blizzard World, and the Black Forest maps. You the creator codes to access both battle royale modes in Overwatch are as follows. Last Man Standing: D4KZY. Loot n Shoot: HE2GR.