Overwatch 2’s Colosseo map might be hinting at the game’s next hero

OW2 new hero Colosseo referenceBlizzard Entertainment

As Overwatch 2 alpha gameplay continues to surface, fans of the franchise have noticed that one of its newest maps, Colosseo, might be hinting at the game’s next hero — Zephyrus.

Be it the Junker Queen with posters across Junkertown or the general nods at various heroes across different maps, Overwatch isn’t a game to shy away from referencing future heroes to come.

The same can be said for its sequel, Overwatch 2, as not only is it bringing tons of new content such as Sojourn and a number of hero reworks, but it’s also introducing four new maps.

Within one of those new maps, namely Colosseo, fans of the game have started noticing references to the game’s possible next hero.

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Colosseo OW2Blizzard Entertainment
Colosseo is one of Overwatch 2’s new maps.

Overwatch 2’s Colosseo map might be hinting at a new hero

Spotted by Master Ian Gamer, one of Overwatch 2’s newest maps, Colosseo, contains various hints and references about the next possible hero, Zephyrus.

At first, prior to the game’s alpha, players could see a poster that had two gladiators seemingly controlled by human pilots engaged in combat. One gladiator was named Zephyrus and the other Maximus.

But, now that more access to the game has been granted, players, namely Master Ian Gamer, noticed a screen in a bar within the map that gives more information about the engaging gladiators. Thanks to the screen, more information on Zephyrus’ character design can be extracted.

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Zephyrus OW2 SCreenBlizzard Entertainment
The screen shows more details on Zephyrus.

Indicated by a small Italian flag next to his name, Zephyrus seems to be from Italy or at least represent the country of Italy in combat. He also has a pair of wings sticking out of his back that are eerily similar to Mercy’s, possibly indicating at some form of flight. Additionally, he seems to wield two thin swords as weapons, which would be a first for the franchise.

Apart from what’s seen, not much information on the gladiator is currently available. One thing’s for certain though, not only would Zephyrus be a new take to heroes in Overwatch, but it’d be a welcomed one.

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However, due to Sojourn releasing with Overwatch 2, the chances of a possible new hero can be quite low. Only time will tell if Blizzard will go through with Zephyrus in the future.