Overwatch 2 ‘vote to forfeit’ ranked concept divides community

OW2 streamers want ranked modeBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2’s controversial ranked system again finds itself under the spotlight as community members debate a potential vote to forfeit feature.

Community outcry about matchmaking issues dates back to Overwatch 2’s launch. Players are fed up with experiencing unbalanced matches and demand more action from the development team. Bronze players showing up in Top 500 lobbies results in a tiresome experience for everyone involved.

In December, the Overwatch 2 developers released a comprehensive plan to deal with matchmaking woes in ranked play. Unfortunately, as of January 3 community members still experienced issues and reported a broken ranked ladder.

An Overwatch 2 player pleaded for an option to manually deal with uneven matchmaking, but the idea received a mixed reception.

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overwatch 2 matchmaker issuesBlizzard Entertainment
Overwatch 2’s ranked system is really upsetting players.

Overwatch 2 players split over vote to forfeit feature in ranked matches

An Overwatch 2 player argued on Reddit, “in matches where you’re obviously getting stomped, you currently have to just go through the motions and wait 10-15 minutes until the match ends.”

A vote to forfeit button would allow players to peel the band-aid off and admit defeat rather than fight a losing battle.

The user continued, “I understand the potential for toxicity, but wasting time ‘going through the motions’ can be excruciatingly boring.”

League of Legends has a vote to forfeit option, and a League player shared a negative experience with the feature. “people in League spam it constantly after they lose one fight in their lane. You have people who have at least 20% lower wr because they surrender every game that is slightly behind.”

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An OW2 player added, “I feel like it would just encourage people to feed on purpose when other teammates aren’t voting to forfeit to force them into doing it, making a hard match even more unwinnable.”

Rocket League players shared similar bad experiences of players forfeiting before they needed to and the dangers of incentivizing a losing mentality.

Some players supported the idea, as a community member argued, “I think it’s a big reason why the toxicity and rage level is so high in Overwatch. When we’re hopelessly stomped, we’re forced to sit here and take it while we yell at each other.”

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OW2 players can’t agree on if the feature would improve the overall experience or hamper it.