Overwatch 2 Valentine event lets players date Mercy and Genji

date genji and mercy in ow2Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 players will have the opportunity to date either Mercy or Genji in a new mini Valentine event that even brings back Hanzo’s old Scatter Arrow ability.

The Overwatch Valentine’s event is shaping up to be one of the most creative yet thanks to a crazy new online dating sim where players can romance the game’s heroes.

The non-canon ‘Loverwatch – Love Never Dies’ can be played on Loverwatch.gg. Users can travel to iconic OW2 maps where their romantic partner and discover new Easter Eggs, titles and more.

By playing, users can unlock a Hanzo’s Cupid’s Kiss highlight intro and other goodies that will be added in a later patch. But that’s not all. This event also has a brand new arcade game mode.

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ow2 mercy dating simBlizzard Entertainment
Do you have what it takes to date Mercy?

Love of Geometry mode brings back Scatter Arrow

The Valentine event also comes with a special game mode called Love of Geometry, which pits players in a team death match brawl.

In this mode, which features teams of Hanzos, Scatter Arrow makes its return to Overwatch since the ability was replaced with Storm Arrow back in the first game.

Plus, Hanzo’s Dragon Strike ultimate has a special surprise for players in this mode – something the devs say fans will “love.”

genji datingBlizzard Entertainment
Only a Shimada can control the dragons.

Speaking of Hanzo, his cupid skin comes with a flew of exclusive VFX and sound effects that make it stand out from other cosmetics in a big way.

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The event will run until February 28, so be sure to check it out for yourself and see if you can successfully romance either Genji or Mercy.