Overwatch 2 tier lists reveal best and worst heroes ahead of beta

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Just a few days before the start of the Overwatch 2 closed beta players have put together a hero tier list, based on influencers who were lucky enough to get alpha access.

Players around the world are looking forward to the Overwatch 2 beta starting on April 26. Before things officially kick off, one analytically-minded player has created a tier list of all the updated heroes.

Based on other tier lists from Overwatch influencers and pros, it could give a good idea of what heroes are meta, and which ones will have a lower pick rate as the wider beta opens up.

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Overwatch 2 tier list — Sojourn nerfed already

One major development during the Overwatch 2 alpha was Sojourn quickly getting nerfed. A lot of participants found the newest hero much too overpowered, and devs didn’t take long to make adjustments.

Taking into account tier lists from Jaws, Custa, Samito and Iced, as well as input from Flats, Super, and YourOverwatch, Reddit user F1gment- came up with the most comprehensive tier list for Overwatch 2 we’ve seen so far.

Topping the list, surprisingly enough, is everyone’s favorite Support hero: Lucio. The Brazilian hero stands alone atop the list, but isn’t “broken,” instead he just doesn’t get melted like other Supports.

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Looking at the table as a whole though, Overwatch 2 does seem to be pretty balanced overall. Only Lucio is on the very top tier, and Roadhog and Junkrat are alone at the bottom.

Lucio is Overwatch 2’s “best hero,” at least according to this list.

Of course as the closed beta kicks off on April 26, we’ll have a much larger sample size of opinions on hero rankings to consider very soon.

However, it’s good to know what the playing field looks like as we head into beta testing, especially for those of us lucky enough to have access.

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